Snakes on a Jetty

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Join Bertie on a mission to photograph sea snakes… There will be Venom! Banded sea snakes (Laticauda colubrina) viagra para eyaculación precoz are one of the most venomous creatures in the ocean. In Episode 5 of Borneo From Below, Bertie goes to extreme lengths to photograph one and…

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Sea gypsies catch crazy crustaceans!

Bajau mantis1

A burrowing stomatopod caused quite a viagra sans ordonnance stir on the internet recently. It all started with a feature by the popular cartoon, the Oatmeal, who appeared rather enamored with this plucky crustacean. The rest of the world were fascinated, as the diving community raised a collective, knowing nod: we told…

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Sipadan: the best day’s diving on Earth.

Aaron with 3 sharks

Sipadan: the best day’s diving on Earth. 24 hours at Jacques Cousteau’s favourite dive spot! With its huge schools of jackfish, bumphead parrotfish, sharks, turtles, plus the famous torpedoing barracuda, Sipadan tops many diver’s bucket list. Now, thanks to Borneo From Below, you can dive it from the comfort of your…

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Borneo From Below – a brand new web series by Scubazoo


Discover the rumble beneath the jungle! New web series focuses on life around exotic Borneo. What is it about Borneo? Few places carry such exotic connotations. Jungles filled tree-to-tree with pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, sun bears and orangutans. Head Hunters, crazy-looking bugs, rainforests, mountains. And that’s just above the water. Borneo from…

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